Lock Picking Kit Review: 34 Piece Tool Set

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There’s a familiar scene from many movies and TV shows. A guy (usually a private investigator, and traditionally they are guys) wants to enter a house or apartment to search it. Of course, he doesn’t have a search warrant, and the door is locked, but he doesn’t let either of these stop him. He’s got a lock picking kit in his pocket, and he knows how to use it.

He ignores the legalities and pulls the small pouch from his breast pocket. Removing two small metal pieces about the size of bobby pins, he deftly inserts them into the lock, and voila! — the locked door immediately unlocks. They make it look so easy to pick a lock in these shows, but picking a lot takes lots of practice.

Even skilled lockpickers have trouble picking certain locks. You’ll need to put in time and effort if you want to be proficient at it. However, the first question you might have is one that I asked myself. How do you learn how to pick a lock?

Lock Picking 101

Isn’t a lockpick set strictly for criminals and locksmiths? No, there are several reasons why the average person could own a lockpick set and know how to use it. The most important reason is it prepares you for an emergency. If you are locked out of your house in sub-zero temperatures, you’ll be glad you acquired the skill and tools to get inside. You might even have a chance to help someone else.

The rationale for carrying a lockpick set is the same as for having a small flashlight or a pocketknife—just in case you need it. The tools for picking a lock take up less room than the other items you carry for peace of mind, so it makes sense to consider buying a lockpick set and learning how to use it.

Amazon 34P Household Lock Picking Kit Includes:

a photo of the amazon 34P household lock picking kit
What’s in the box: The 34-piece lock picking kit includes everything you need to get started.

Here’s what a set contains:

  • Four tension wrenches: one of the two tools you’ll need to pick a lock
  • A collection of 12 picks: the other tool you’ll use. They have names like hook, ball, diamond, extractor, and snake.
  • A portable black bag to carry the tools
  • Three transparent locks for learning purposes
  • A credit-card-sized carrying case containing five essential picking tools
  • A user’s manual to help you get the hang of lockpicking

The tools are stainless-steel material with comfortable handles to enhance your grip and add durability. How do they feel in-hand? Not bad, for a beginner’s set of tools. I didn’t have any issues with unintentionally bending them while practicing on a variety of lock types. If I had any criticism, it would be that the tools appear to be stamped steel. So they don’t all have consistently smooth edges. Not a huge deal, but something to keep in mind.

What Can You Open With The Set?

The 34P set is designed to open standard household locks with minimal practice, including deadbolts, doorknob locks, auto locks, and padlocks. Some locksmiths claim you can pick any lock, but they all agree that some locks are nearly impossible. It took me about a half-hour to pick my first lock with the kit. I read the instructions, watched a couple of Youtube videos, and practiced with the tools and transparent locks provided in the kit until I felt confident that I could do it. 

I started with a Master Lock M5XTLJ which I purchased for my shed. Using the supplied tools, I was able to rotate the pin tumbler cylinder to release the lock. It certainly wasn’t easy, and the lock put up a good fight. Being able to hold the lock in any position I needed to made the picking process easier. If the lock had been installed on my shed, and I had to look up to access it, I’m not sure how long it would have taken for me to pick it open. I’m guessing an hour or longer as a beginner. 

How Do Other Sets Compare To The 34P Option?

The SouthOrd PXS-14 Beginners Lock Pick Set is comparable to the 34P and priced about the same. Here’s how they compare:

34P Lock Pick Set

SouthOrd PXS-14

Number of Pieces in Set

30-Part Set

14-Part Set

Practice Locks Included?



Carrying Case?



Metal Thickness



Instructional Manual


Free E-Manual




The transparent practice locks included in the 34P kit are a big plus. Being able to see the action of the pins and how they interact with the lock cylinder (generally hidden in an all-steel lock) is an essential learning tool. I also prefer the paper users guide included with the 34P.

Common 34P Lock Picking Kit Questions: 

a photo of transparent practice locks
Learning to pick a lock takes time and patience, it’s not something you can master quickly.

Is the 34P kit for beginners?

The 34P includes three transparent practice locks and a comprehensive instructional manual. There are also YouTube videos for beginners.

Is the 34P kit for residential and commercial locks only? What about vehicle locks?
After developing the required skills, you should be able to unlock deadbolts, doorknob locks, padlocks, and most mechanical auto locks.

Will I still need a locksmith if I buy this kit?

There are no guarantees that you will be able to open every lock you encounter with any lock pick set, including the 34P. However, the more you hone your techniques, the closer you’ll get to opening locks when needed.

Is The 34P Lock Picking Set A Good Buy?

a photo of a man picking a lock
The 34P lock picking kit provides you with the needed tools to hone your picking skills.

If you are an aspiring lock picker, the 34P lock picking kit has everything you need to teach yourself this skill. However, the kit goes beyond a beginners kit and into something suitable for the advanced picker because of the many types of included picks and tension wrenches.

Would I spend $40 on this lock picking kit? I would, as I believe the value is there for someone interested in learning lock picking techniques. Whether your goal for learning picking is for peace of mind, a hobby, or as a segue way into a career as a professional locksmith. I’m convinced this is a great option for anyone willing to put in the time to become proficient at it.

The transparent locks, a wide variety of stainless-steel tools, and easy-to-follow instructions are the features that make it an excellent choice (And yes, I was able to follow the instructions and actually open a lock!). If your goal is to walk up to a locked door without a key, pull out a wrench and picking tool, and unlock it in a few minutes, be prepared to practice because it takes time to develop the skill. But if that’s your objective, the 34P lock picking kit will guide you there!

My overall rating of the 34P Lock Picking Kit: 4/5 4 out of 5 stars