Privacy Policy

We do not collect personally identifying information about our visitors.  We collect e-mail addresses from those visitors who voluntarily sign up for our e-mail list, but those email addresses are never paired with any other information about our visitors that would allow someone to ascertain their identity.  If you would like to opt-out of newsletters or other emails, please select the unsubscribe option at the bottom of the message. We reserve the right to use visitors’ e-mail addresses in any way we see fit, including selling the e-mail addresses to third-parties or sending marketing or promotional e-mails on behalf of third parties.

We do not follow you around the web to collect information about your browsing activities, nor do we retarget you with ads on other sites.  Like most websites, we use Google Analytics, Google Analytics Advertising Features, and related tools to gather information on parts of our website.  Our goal in doing this is to better serve you by improving your user experience and the quality of the site.  Information collected through these tools does not include any of your personally-identifying information, but it may include data like your age, gender, and interests.  These tools use first-party and third-party cookies to learn about a site visitor’s preferences, as well as to collect data about how visitors use the site.  The cookies are linked to our site, and we only use that data to understand how visitors use the site and how to better serve them.  By using our site, you agree to our use of such information. 

You also agree to Google Analytics’s terms found here:  You may opt-out of Google Analytics by (i) adjusting your settings on Google Ad Preferences; (ii) visiting the Google Analytics opt-out page and installing the add-on for your browser; or (iii) following the steps on the NAI’s opt-out page.  We do not modify tracking behavior in response to Do Not Track Signals.